Do I travel to travel? Or do I travel to escape?

Do I crave seeing some unusual natural beauty? Meeting new people and seeing their lifestyle? Or do I just need to escape from the everyday reality? ... As you can see I love traveling. I really do. Mostly because of the two first reasons mentioned above. But as it’s been more than 6 months since I … Continue reading Do I travel to travel? Or do I travel to escape?

Travel guide: Malawi

Arriving to Malawi from Tanzania We were arriving from Mbeya, Tanzania, as you can read in my previous post. Our destination in Malawi was Livingstonia, a small town in the mountains near the lake Malawi. Particularly we were heading to the Mushroom farm, an eco-lodge situated up in the mountains near Machemwe village. Once we … Continue reading Travel guide: Malawi

Iguazú falls

Iguazú falls was the most magnificent, impressive, amazing, beautiful, wonderful, astonishing, spectacular and awesome place I have ever been to. If you are hesitating or deciding whether visit it or not-go there, I guarantee that you won't regret. Iguazú waterfalls lie on the river Iguazú on the Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay border. Many little islands cause the fall … Continue reading Iguazú falls


houghWe went to Uruguay during our Argentina-Uruguay-Brazil-Argentina trip in December 2015. We started in Montevideo and then went to spend the New year at the beach to La Pedrera. Montevideo We got to Montevideo by boat from Buenos Aires. From the port in BA to MV it's some 2 more hours by bus, which is … Continue reading Uruguay

My amazing life in Buenos Aires

How is life in Argentina's capital? Awesome!!! We lived with my boyfriend in Buenos Aires some 5 months, from October 2015 to February 2016. We both agree that we spent the best time in our lives there. Here's why:  _________________________________________________________________ 1. The buzz Buenos Aires has a great atmosphere. The streets are always filled (during the day … Continue reading My amazing life in Buenos Aires