Traveling #minimumwaste

Summer is here and so is traveling. How to behave planet friendly and not affect the local ecosystems during your travels? I've put together a simple list for you! 1. Destination choice. Choose destinations that are not overwhelmed by tourists. In case you choose such a destination, try to go off the beaten path and … Continue reading Traveling #minimumwaste


Travel guide: Togo

This little unknown country might not have so much to offer but it definitely reperesents a lovely West African experience. Beautiful nature, great hikes, hassle-free cities, voodoo rituals, motorcycle adrenaline and lots of beer. Welcome to Togo! Info: Languages: French (official), Ewe, others Religion: Animism (50%, Christian (35%), Islam (15%) Currency: CFA (1€=655 CFA) Price … Continue reading Travel guide: Togo