10 tips for a positive mindset

I am a positive person. It’s not a social media pose, that’s simply how I am. One of my Instagram followers recently asked me an interesting question. "Have you always been this positive or did you learn it?" Great that she’s asked, because I’ve actually never thought about it!  https://unsplash.com/photos/yjiZAbTDkik Is a positive mindset something natural or can you … Continue reading 10 tips for a positive mindset

Pregnancy fashion minimalism

...aka what I (didn't) buy during pregnancy. As my belly started growing (around 22nd week), I’ve been having the “I have nothing to wear!” panic attacks from time to time. Sounds familiar to you, pregnant ladies? It’s not only that your crop tops and regular fitted sweaters and t-shirts just don’t fit anymore, but also … Continue reading Pregnancy fashion minimalism