When a #minimumwaste girl has a baby

...aka living sustainably with our little one.  Having a baby definitely affects your ideals about sustainable living. Nevertheless, it is up to you how much. There have been some changes in my case, but - to my own surprise - they were not so significant.  Most people (including me) think that once you have a … Continue reading When a #minimumwaste girl has a baby


Greenwashing is all around us

Sustainability is in now. It's not for only for hippies with unshaved legs and tie dye t-shirts anymore, to be eco-friendly is simply cool, just as everything that’s natural, organic and/or vegan. I have nothing against, of course, I’m actually glad! Unfortunately, many brands take advantage of it and use these words in advertisements or in their product description falsely. In other words, … Continue reading Greenwashing is all around us