Travel guide: Nigeria

Info Language: English, pidgin english + many local languages Currency: Naira, exchange rate: 1 EUR=416 naira (as of June 2018) Prices: lower than in Europe - water 1,5 l = 200 naira - dinner normal restaurant = 1,000-1,200 naira - double room 1 night = 8,000 naira Visa: You must obtain it at the embassy … Continue reading Travel guide: Nigeria

Cameroon diaries II.: Stranded at the port

I was probably too enthusiastic about the cargo ship trip. So much that someone up there had decided to make me spend 2 more days on it. Why? In the morning we took our bags and finally, after more than 24 hours on the boat, we got off, heading to the immigration office. - Where … Continue reading Cameroon diaries II.: Stranded at the port

Cursed Zanzibar

Zanzibar. Endless white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise water reflecting the always-shining sun, romantic nights. Weddings and honeymoons. I guess that is what most people imagine when someone mentions this island. It was the same for me. But the reality was unfortunately...different. Zanzibar was the last destination of our trip and therefore it was supposed … Continue reading Cursed Zanzibar