10 tips for a positive mindset

I am a positive person. It’s not a social media pose, that’s simply how I am. One of my Instagram followers recently asked me an interesting question. "Have you always been this positive or did you learn it?" Great that she’s asked, because I’ve actually never thought about it!  https://unsplash.com/photos/yjiZAbTDkik Is a positive mindset something natural or can you … Continue reading 10 tips for a positive mindset


Greenwashing is all around us

Sustainability is in now. It's not for only for hippies with unshaved legs and tie dye t-shirts anymore, to be eco-friendly is simply cool, just as everything that’s natural, organic and/or vegan. I have nothing against, of course, I’m actually glad! Unfortunately, many brands take advantage of it and use these words in advertisements or in their product description falsely. In other words, … Continue reading Greenwashing is all around us

What I (didn’t) buy for our baby

I went to a baby store when I was in the 8th month for the first time. Most probably it was the last time, too. I was shocked how many products for the tiny creatures are out there! My minimalist & minimum waste self decided to prove myself and the world that 90% of all those things the baby actually doesn’t need.