Traveling #minimumwaste

Summer is here and so is traveling. How to behave planet friendly and not affect the local ecosystems during your travels? I’ve put together a simple list for you!


1. Destination choice.
Choose destinations that are not overwhelmed by tourists. In case you choose such a destination, try to go off the beaten path and get to know the less known places and things.

2. Transport.
To get into the destination, try to reduce flying and, if possible, use a train instead. Avoid cruise ships! Once in the destination, use an eco-friendly mean of transportation – preferably walk, use a bike or the public transport, do not rent cars and avoid taxis.

3. No take-away food.
Don’t buy take-away food, eat in local restaurants instead.

4. Water bottle.
Bring a water bottle and refill it, don’t buy bottled water.

5. Shopping bag.
Bring you own bag, don’t take plastic bags in the supermarkets.

6. Packaging-free cosmetics
A solid shampoo/soap bar are a must for all waste reducers. Simply put it in a travel case, it won’t take more space than a regular shower gel bottle. Moreover, there’s nothing to leak!

7. Support locals.
Support local communities-eat in local restaurants, sleeps in local hotels (not international chains) and buy locally made souvenirs.

8.Behave as if you were at home.
Behave as you would behave at home – do not let water running just because you don’t pay for it, turn off the lighting, recycle and simply do everything as if you do it normally back home!



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