In the search of happiness…

I wrote this right after I came back from Coldplay concert in Vienna in the beginning of June. I was overwhelmed with emotions, excitement and pure, genuine joy. This post is not that much about Coldplay though. So even if you hate Chris Martin, continue reading.

Seeing Coldplay live reminded me of the beauty of life and of happiness. The combination of the joyful melodies, fireworks, glitters, confetti, light shows and the whole football stadium filled with flying colorful balloons simply wouldn´t let anyone stand there with no emotion. Viva la vida, la vie est belle, bella vita, dolce vita, life is beautiful.

…There’s a light that you give me
When I’m in shadow
There’s a feeling within me, an everglow…

It made me reminiscence of my loved ones, of how beautiful (some) people are, of all the good, and all the bad being actually good too in order to balance everything. Of having only one life and to live it instead of survive it.

But how come do I need to see Coldplay playing live to realize that life is a beautiful thing? Why don´t I (we) realize it every day?
I know it´s tough sometimes, if you have a shitty job, lots to worry about, you´re in bad health, then it´s quite hard to remind yourself of the beauty of life, of course. I am not Pharrell or Buddha. I´m realistic. But then on the other hand I always remember the people who smile every day despite their tough life. I am now talking about the people in Africa (yes, I love Africa- and that is the reason why I love it so much)-those guys often don´t have an easy life but their everlasting happiness in its purest form is just striking. And I am talking about all the people who manage to share their happiness with others even though their life is not easy. God bless them.

How come do I need to see Coldplay to remind myself of how lucky and happy human being I actually am? When it is actually not so hard?-
Be happy about the things you take as granted and that you don´t even realize:
– be happy that you live
– be happy that you are healthy
– enjoy the pretty things; colours, flowers, birds, pretty clothes, handsome men and pretty girls! 
– be happy about the sun
– try to be happy about the rain too (our nature needs it)
…and most of all be happy about the little things-enjoy your morning coffee, if you have a good meal, try to enjoy every bit of it, if you feel like treating yourself, do it and enjoy the moment of satisfaction afterwards!

I know that there are many articles about the pursuit of happiness and that I actually might sound like a Buddha now, but hey. I think that just as much as I need Coldplay to remind me of the beauty of life, we all need to be reminded by all the means not to forget to enjoy life. So here is my way of reminding you. I hope this article serves its purpose.

La vie est belle.


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