What am I gonna write about when I don’t travel…? aka “Random thoughts” section launched

Dear readers of this blog,

as you may have noticed, this is mainly a travel blog, which was created with the purpose to provide information about the places I’ve visited, because:

  1. I believe it might be useful for those who are about to travel there
  2. I hope it might be interesting, even for those who don’t plan to travel.

But since I came back home from my last trip in Eastern Africa in September 2016 and I am not planning to travel again until this July, there’s not much to write about regarding the travel stuff right now.

Nevertheless, as an ever-dreaming person who likes to take her time just to think things over (think about things), I realized that I have many thoughts in my head, that I’d like to put in words. Maybe someone will relate with me. Maybe someone who’s bored at work will just enjoy reading it. Maybe someone else will just think that it is a bunch of senseless stuff. Anyway, I’m gonna try.

As the name of the section suggests, it’s gonna be random stuff that comes to my mind, put in words. I’m gonna try not to choose the really random thoughts, but rather those, that other people could relate to. I let my thoughts flow freely when writing, so don’t get puzzled by that. Just wait and see. And read.

And those of you who don’t wanna read, wait till summer when I go to Western Africa.



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