Iguazú falls

Iguazú falls was the most magnificent, impressive, amazing, beautiful, wonderful, astonishing, spectacular and awesome place I have ever been to.
If you are hesitating or deciding whether visit it or not-go there, I guarantee that you won’t regret.
Iguazú waterfalls lie on the river Iguazú on the Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay border. Many little islands cause the fall of the water into numerous waterfalls and cataracts;there are 150-300 of them! (depending on the water level). They are thus considered the largest waterfall system in the world.
You can (you should!) visit the waterfalls from both sides; the Brazilian as well as from the Argentine. 80% of the waterfalls belong to Argentina while only 20% to Brazil. Each side offers a whole different experience-while on the Argentine side you get to walk over the water on bridges and trails and you get closer to the waterfalls, the Brazilian side offers more of a panoramic view on the whole place. I actually liked the Brazilian side a bit more-but I’ll get to it later.

Getting there

We traveled there from Brazil by bus and thus we started on the Brazilian side. You can also get there by bus from Buenos Aires, one way trip cost as nearly 100$ (with the Expreso singer company) and it was one the worst bus rides ever (22 hours with no stop, double-decker bus with one toilet only…ehm-but if you are young and poor, you’ll survive), so I would consider flying there, as the prices might be more or less similar to the buses. There is an airport on both sides, in Puerto Iguazú (Argentina) and in Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil)


The Brazilian side- Foz do Iguaçu

First thing- the Brazilian side is generally much cheaper. The accommodation, food in restaurants, food in supermarkets, the transportation…everything. So if you are willing to spend more days on one side than on the other one, spend them in Brazil. There are more things to do-you can take the helicopter ride to see the waterfalls (quite expensive though) or go to the Bird park. And…the food is better there. 🙂
We stayed in a hostel in the city-center (don’t remember the name though), from there we got to the waterfalls by public transportation which was super cheap (less than 1$ one way). There is a public bus going to the waterfalls from the main bus station cca every 20 mins. It takes another 20-30 mins  to get there. At the entrance you get on a bus (its included in the price) which takes you to the water, there you can start exploring the place on your own, there is a path along the water with many viewpoints from where you get the view of the whole place, its really something, words cant express the beauty of that place.
We got back by the same bus and then had probably the best dinner of our lives in a typical brazilian servicio de carne-buffet (churrascaria) restaurant. This is a must, I’ve never eaten so much in my life. I’ve never eaten so much MEAT in my life. I’ve never eaten so much DELICIOUS MEAT in my life… You pay one price when you enter, serve yourself the side dishes from the buffet and then just ask for a slice of the meat whenever the waiter comes by. If you’re not vegetarian, go for it.


TIP: The restaurant was called Churrascaria do Gaucho at Avenida Argentina 632.

The Argentine side-Puerto Iguazú
As I said, everything is more expensive in Argentina. We got to the falls by taxi, they are a bit further from the Puerto Iguazú town then from Foz do Iguaçu on the Brazilian side and we were in a rush. It cost us some 200-300 pesos I think (cca 15$), but there is a bus as well, that costs 100 pesos return ticket (6-7$).
Remember to take more time for this side of the falls, as it’s way larger than in Brazil. One day should be enough though. As I’ve already mentioned, you get closer to the water in Argentina, you walk on the trails (higher and lower) above, under and around the waterfalls and cataracts, which I didn’t find that spectacular as seeing the whole scenery in once as in Brazil. But Argentina has another highlight-the Devil’s throat. It is the biggest waterfall where half of all the water ends. It’s absolutely massive. You get to stand right next to it (be ready for getting wet btw.), right where the mass of water falls down. It roars, it splashes, it makes a rainbow. It’s spectacular. Simply spectacular.
One last thing- watch out for the coatis! These cute animals can steal your bag or other belongings (true story).
Overall, the conclusion is:
2. Go to both sides
    – Brazilian side has more panoramic view
    – in Argentina you get closer to the waterfalls and to the Devil’s throat
3. If planning to stay more days, spend more time on the Brazilian side


Prices (as of January 2016):

  • Bus from Buenos Aires (one way)- from 100$ (1200 pesos)
  • Transportation to the waterfalls (one way)-less than 1$ (3,2 reals)
  • Entrance- 15$
  • Meal in a restaurant (buffet dinner)- 7$
  • Transportation to the waterfalls (retour)- 7$ (100 pesos)
  • Entrance- 22$ (330 pesos)
  • Meal in a restaurant- between 12$ (pasta) and 20$ (meat)



See our vlog from Iguazu at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbgM8ptK_1uvuDhrym8Q13g !




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